New .NYC Domain Registrations – February 2018 Review

This is the second in a series of monthly articles detailing new .NYC domain registrations: looking at registration trends and categories, while also highlighting any premium .NYC domain registrations along with any obscure names I find. The NYC Open Data initiative was the original source of the NYC domain registration data. February is an interesting month for domain registrations. It's a short month and it follows one of the most depressing weeks of the year - one where resolutions have been broken and the credit card statements have arrived showing the full damage of the holiday spending. February 2018 .NYC Domain Registrations Total .nyc domain registrations added: 847 This is compared with January's 875, but don't forget February has 3 fewer days, so for a 10% drop in the number of days (31 to 28) we only saw a 3.2% drop in total new registrations (875 in Jan to 847 in Feb). View the full list of February 2018 NYC domain registrations here. This compares…
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