Food and Health Related Names on .NYC Domains – Why I love them.

The start of a new year is an exciting time - especially for domain investors. For me, there's a power in the crispness of a new year that makes it impossible to procrastinate the task of regrouping, reflecting and refocusing the strategy.

In reality December 31st is when start this work as it's important to be deliberate in which tax year the renewal expenses are incurred.

I knew all my domains were renewed until at least the end of the year, but that meant that some needed attention in January so I got straight to my Excel file to begin the mission of auditing my domains, renewing and transferring them. Also making sure that the names I wanted to sell were listed at Afternic and Efty (and that I had updated the nameservers to point at Efty).

Many of my .NYC domain names fall into clear categories: 3 character acronyms, names, products, services, activities, education, health and food.

After getting my Excel file updated with expir…

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