Premium NYC Travel Domains without the Auction

Earlier in the week I wrote about the upcoming premium travel related NYC domain auctions. The list is definitely worth a look and I'd advise everyone who lives and works in the five boroughs to get involved and potential grab a great name at an unbelievable price. But it got me thinking - can I find other available premium NYC travel domains without the auction! Here's a recap of the names that will be auctioned starting May 3, 2018 at 1pm:   A nice feature of the website is that along with the promotion of the 25 premium travel related domains on auction (s…
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$335 Premium NYC Domain Name Sale

To celebrate the New Year and to help me focus a little more on key projects, I've separated 183 domain names and placed a $335 Buy It Now price on each of them. Welcome to the end of year NYC domain name sale. The categories of names include: Brandable, Products and Services 3 Letter Acronyms First Names Last Names Why the sell off? Although I've invested in domain names in the past, my accumulation of .NYCs wasn't planned. I was involved in the original .NYC auctions in October 2014 and was successful in outbidding everyone for a few domains including and among others. Since then, I've picked up other premium names (including which have all had a financial toll. Until these projects are fully developed they won't be income generating and so my ongoing accumulation of .NYC domains has been both to flip (to fund my other projects) and because I keep discovering other great NYC domains that I want to ultimately develop!…
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