$335 Premium NYC Domain Name Sale

To celebrate the New Year and to help me focus a little more on key projects, I’ve separated 183 domain names and placed a $335 Buy It Now price on each of them. Welcome to the end of year NYC domain name sale.

NYC Domain Name Sale

The categories of names include:

  • Brandable, Products and Services
  • 3 Letter Acronyms
  • First Names
  • Last Names

Why the sell off?
Although I’ve invested in domain names in the past, my accumulation of .NYCs wasn’t planned.

I was involved in the original .NYC auctions in October 2014 and was successful in outbidding everyone for a few domains including kids.nyc and students.nyc among others. Since then, I’ve picked up other premium names (including free.nyc) which have all had a financial toll. Until these projects are fully developed they won’t be income generating and so my ongoing accumulation of .NYC domains has been both to flip (to fund my other projects) and because I keep discovering other great NYC domains that I want to ultimately develop!

My New Year’s resolution is to break the habit, reducing the size of my domain portfolio and focus on developing some of the projects I’m passionate about.

Domain Name Resolutions

I feel the Buy It Now price of $335 is good value for money, offering buyers a price that’s less than most registrar’s tier 5 pricing (see here for more details on premium tiered pricing).

Take a look at the list below and if you don’t see any matches, more names are listed at keywords.nyc – most with Buy It Now prices.


Brandable, Products and Services

ID Domain Name Keyword(s) Category Link
 Domains sold / withdrawn


3 Letter Acronyms

ID Domain Name Keyword(s) Category Link
 Domains sold / withdrawn


First Names

ID Domain Name Keyword(s) Category Link
 Domains sold / withdrawn


Last Names

ID Domain Name Keyword(s) Category Link
 Domains sold / withdrawn



3 responses to “$335 Premium NYC Domain Name Sale”

  1. Hi Matt, great site you have here, and nice portfolio you have of .NYC domains. People would be CRAZY not to scoop these up at this price!

    I understand the reasoning on down sizing. We own about 1200 or so domains, about 150 or so .NYC domains with plans to develop many. Just so many great names out there!!!

    Any way good luck here and on your dev project in 2018

    1. Thanks Ginutis!

      I occasionally get emails from fans of .NYC saying they stumbled upon Developed.nyc on page 6 of Google – I guess SEO isn’t my strong area!


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