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Michael Wolff may have predicted Ivanka’s 2024 presidential run in his book, Fire and Fury, but this weekend it appeared that the first daughter was moving one step closer to this goal, with the registration of the domain name Ivanka2024.nyc (no website resolving at the time of publishing).

That was until I viewed the whois record for this recent domain registration:

I’ve redacted a few pieces of the registrant’s personal details but the street field may give away that this, is in fact, part of a future comedy SNL news or John Oliver sketch. 30 Rockefeller Plaza is home to NBC Studios and their hit show 30 Rock will be familiar to many.

Using political names for satirical purposes is a well established pastime and it wasn’t so long ago that John Oliver registered Giuliani2024.com which actually redirects to hillaryclintonillness.com which hosts the video below:

And who can forget TinyTinyMikeBloomberg.nyc which was one of a few .nyc domains John Oliver purchased to troll Michael Bloomberg after an agency representing him purchased 400 less than flattering .nyc domain names for defensive purposes.

While new domain extensions may offer additional comedic options to sound off about politicians, I think all NYC based representatives should secure their full name .nyc, not only for defensive purposes but because as they say ‘All politics is local’ – and nothing says more local than a .nyc domain name.

What do you suspect ivanka2024.nyc will be used for? Have you seen .nyc domain names or other geoTLDs being used in political campaigns? Leave your comments below.

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