Some New York City Mayoral Candidates Love .NYC Domains

With early voting for New York City Mayor approaching next Friday 12th June, New Yorkers attention on the Bill DeBlasio's spot is intensifying.

One perspective that has many of us interested is not just the politics of what is happening with the race and generally with the city, but something a little less dramatic - the mayoral candidates' choice of domain name.

Surely those who want to represent the city would represent with a .NYC? Well not so fast. Let's take a look, one by one.

According to the official website here are the candidates by party along with their choice of domain:

Democratic Candidates:

Eric L Adams - www.ericadams2021.comArt Chang - (email: Donovan - (email: Foldenauer - (email: A Garcia - (email: J McGuire - www.rayfo…
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Rick Schwartz .scared or .caring?

For readers who do not know Rick Schwartz, he is an early .com domain investor. He started trading adult related 800 numbers and moved into adult related .coms and made millions from premium generic, keyword .com domains.

He was in the right place at the right time and had the experience and skill to seize the opportunity to profit from buying .com domains, holding them for a long time and waiting for the perfect end user to come knocking and buy the domain for top dollar. On his website he mentions that he has only ever sold 35 of his 6500 domain names, which may give him 6,465 reasons why he is so strongly against new gTLDs - more on this later.

Let me start from the gTLD beginning.

Back in 2014 many new domain extensions were launched, some being geoTLDs (.nyc, .paris, .london), some were generic keyword gTLDs (.toys, .city, .photography) and in some cases businesses launched their own for private use (.bmw, .neustar, barclays).…

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.NYC Best of Boroughs 2018 Winners

This morning I attended the .NYC 2018 Best of Boroughs celebration at Neustar's offices on Park Avenue. Here's what I was told to expect: Live announcement of the 2018 .nyc Best of Boroughs winners! FREE breakfast Swag bags and giveaways for all attendees City and borough representatives Fellow .nyc changemakers Event photographer and press Although a free breakfast usually gets me out of bed, I was very excited to hear who the winners of the Best of Borough's competition were and to meet others who have built their brand on a .nyc website. .NYC website owners were invited to submit websites before the submission deadline on September 19th to be in with a chance to win $5,000 + borough bragging rights + inclusion in marketing campaigns. The submission period was followed by public voting along with judges considering the story behind the submission, the website experience and the value to local community. Today the winners were announced and they…
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NYC Domains Launch and Gross $749,542 – City Earns $299,817

It's been an exciting few weeks and as the .NYC Landrush Auctions concluded earlier today and the digital dust settled it the auctions had raised $749,542 with Neustar and the City of New York splitting the spoils 60:40 respectively. The total number of domains sold at auction was 1,011. The two steps of the Landrush Period as outlined in the NYC launch schedule were: August 4th to October 3rd 2014: Depending on registrar, registrants had to pay $70-100 for the Landrush application and keep their fingers crossed that no one else applied for the same domain during this period. If no second applicant the domain was theirs on October 3rd 2014 If a second person applied for the same domain, an auction would be conducted during one of three rounds depending on the first letter of the domain name: A – I: October 23 – 27, 2014 J – R: October 28 – 31, 2014 S – Z: November 3 – 6, 2014 "General Availability" (where anyone who attempted to register an avai…
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