Voting Now Open – .NYC Best of Boroughs Contest

On 9/13 .NYC’s Best of Boroughs Contest opened and called on all businesses, organizations, community members and individuals with a .NYC website to share their story and compete for bragging rights within their borough.

As of 12am on 9/20 the submission deadline closed and the small one week window garnered 79 submissions across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island – take a look.

So far leading Manhattan in the community category is the 100 Gates Project ( with 88 votes.

It’s interesting to see such a diverse group of entrants across all boroughs.

As part of the‘s entry, they stated:

I wanted the entire world to immediately know firsthand that this company was right in the thick of things: Directly right in the Universal Mecca of the Creative World by having a .nyc web address.

In answering, “What inspired you to make this website or entity?” responded:

As a pilates instructor and production fit model in NYC, I saw a huge opportunity for a more fashion focused grippy sock to wear in your studio workouts such as pilates, yoga, barre and dance. With NYC being such a huge part of my inspiration and the mecca of fashion world-wide, I decided there was no better choice then to go with .nyc as I am so proud to have founded and grown this business in our great city!

There are many more stories and reasons .NYC owners gave for building on a .NYC domain and so the entrants are definitely worth a look, and a vote if you deem them worthy!

If you are interested in voting do so now before the voting window closes.

Here are the next phases of the contest

  • Public Voting Opens: 9/21 @12pm
  • Public Voting Closes: 9/26 @12am
  • Winner Publicly Announced: 10/16

As for if a contest like this helps promote a cityTLD – I think it does as long as the message gets out there to the wider local community. I didn’t see any news of this on NY1 or on the radio at WNYC but I think it’s interesting and newsworthy.

Stay tuned for an update on the winners!

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