$335 Premium NYC Domain Name Sale

To celebrate the New Year and to help me focus a little more on key projects, I’ve separated 183 domain names and placed a $335 Buy It Now price on each of them.

The categories of names include:

  • Brandable, Products and Services
  • 3 Letter Acronyms
  • First Names
  • Last Names

Why the sell off?
Although I’ve invested in domain names in the past, my accumulation of .NYCs wasn’t planned.

I was involved in the original .NYC auctions in October 2014 and was successful in outbidding everyone for a few domains including kids.nyc and students.nyc among others. Since then, I’ve picked up other premium names (including free.nyc) which have all had a financial toll. Until these projects are fully developed they won’t be income generating and so my ongoing accumulation of .NYC domains has been both to flip (to fund my other projects) and because I keep discovering other great NYC domains that I want to ultimately develop!

My New Year’s resolution is to break the habit, reducing the size of my domain portfolio and focus on developing some of the projects I’m passionate about.

I feel the Buy It Now price of $335 is good value for money, offering buyers a price that’s less than most registrar’s tier 5 pricing (see here for more details on premium tiered pricing).

Take a look at the list below and if you don’t see any matches, more names are listed at keywords.nyc – most with Buy It Now prices.

Brandable, Products and Services

ID Domain Name Keyword(s) Category Link
1 alumni.nyc Alumni BPS

2 carting.nyc Carting BPS

removed removed
removed removed
5 danceschool.nyc Dance School BPS

6 danceschools.nyc Dance Schools BPS

7 hype.nyc Hype BPS

8 issues.nyc Issues BPS

9 nachos.nyc Nachos BPS

10 orthopaedist.nyc Orthopaedist BPS

11 orthopedist.nyc Orthopedist BPS

12 pediatricassociates.nyc Pediatric Associates BPS

13 tapdance.nyc Tap Dance BPS

14 tonic.nyc Tonic BPS

15 violin.nyc Violin BPS

16 webdeveloper.nyc Web Developer BPS

17 webdevelopment.nyc Web Development BPS


3 Letter Acronyms

ID Domain Name Keyword(s) Category Link
1 ams.nyc AMS 3L

2 bfd.nyc BFD 3L

3 fcc.nyc FCC 3L

4 gio.nyc GIO 3L

5 han.nyc HAN 3L

6 hcn.nyc HCN 3L

7 idt.nyc IDT 3L

8 ike.nyc IKE 3L

9 kba.nyc KBA 3L

10 mcg.nyc MCG 3L

11 ned.nyc NED 3L

12 pdr.nyc PDR 3L

13 rnb.nyc RNB 3L

14 sus.nyc SUS 3L

15 syd.nyc SYD 3L

16 taz.nyc TAZ 3L


First Names

ID Domain Name Keyword(s) Category Link
1 adriana.nyc Adriana First

2 aimee.nyc Aimee First

3 alberto.nyc Alberto First

4 alejandro.nyc Alejandro First

5 alexis.nyc Alexis First

6 alf.nyc Alf First

7 alfonso.nyc Alfonso First

8 alfred.nyc Alfred First

9 alfredo.nyc Alfredo First

12 amelia.nyc Amelia First

13 amir.nyc Amir First

14 amos.nyc Amos First

16 angelika.nyc Angelika First

17 anita.nyc Anita First

18 april.nyc April First

20 ariana.nyc Ariana First

23 bert.nyc Bert First

24 bethany.nyc Bethany First

26 bianca.nyc Bianca First

28 blossom.nyc Blossom First

29 brody.nyc Brody First

30 bryce.nyc Bryce First

33 caitlin.nyc Caitlin First

35 carly.nyc Carly First

36 carmen.nyc Carmen First

37 carolina.nyc Carolina First

38 carousel.nyc Carousel First

40 cassandra.nyc Cassandra First

41 cassidy.nyc Cassidy First

42 cecil.nyc Cecil First

47 christie.nyc Christie First

48 clarence.nyc Clarence First

51 conor.nyc Conor First

58 dani.nyc Dani First

59 delilah.nyc Delilah First

60 devin.nyc Devin First

61 dustin.nyc Dustin First

62 earle.nyc Earle First

63 eddie.nyc Eddie First

sold sold

65 elvin.nyc Elvin First

66 emanuel.nyc Emanuel First

67 emmanuel.nyc Emmanuel First

68 erinn.nyc Erinn First

70 federico.nyc Federico First

71 fergal.nyc Fergal First

80 harriet.nyc Harriet First

82 hazel.nyc Hazel First

84 hector.nyc Hector First

85 heiley.nyc Heiley First

87 holly.nyc Holly First

89 iain.nyc Iain First

90 ibrahim.nyc Ibrahim First

93 iman.nyc Iman First

94 irene.nyc Irene First

95 isabelle.nyc Isabelle First

96 isaiah.nyc Isaiah First

98 jasmin.nyc Jasmin First

99 jenna.nyc Jenna First

100 jessie.nyc Jessie First

102 jody.nyc Jody First

105 kelley.nyc Kelley First

106 kenny.nyc Kenny First

107 kiana.nyc Kiana First

108 kimberley.nyc Kimberley First

109 kristen.nyc Kristen First

111 leah.nyc Leah First

112 leigh.nyc Leigh First

113 leonard.nyc Leonard First

114 lila.nyc Lila First

115 ling.nyc Ling First

116 lorna.nyc Lorna First

117 lorraine.nyc Lorraine First

118 luigi.nyc Luigi First

119 magnus.nyc Magnus First

120 mariam.nyc Mariam First

121 marvin.nyc Marvin First

122 maryanne.nyc Maryanne First

123 mateo.nyc Mateo First

124 matias.nyc Matias First

126 mika.nyc Mika First

127 mila.nyc Mila First

128 miles.nyc Miles First

129 mina.nyc Mina First

130 miriam.nyc Miriam First

134 nadia.nyc Nadia First

135 natasha.nyc Natasha First

137 niles.nyc Niles First

138 olivier.nyc Olivier First

143 penelope.nyc Penelope First

144 penny.nyc Penny First

145 pierce.nyc Pierce First

146 pierre.nyc Pierre First

147 primrose.nyc Primrose First

148 ramos.nyc Ramos First

151 rita.nyc Rita First

153 robyn.nyc Robyn First

154 rodney.nyc Rodney First

155 roni.nyc Roni First

156 rosanna.nyc Rosanna First

157 roxy.nyc Roxy First

158 samir.nyc Samir First

159 sandy.nyc Sandy First

161 stacie.nyc Stacie First

166 tansin.nyc Tansin First

168 tarik.nyc Tarik First

169 tate.nyc Tate First

172 trent.nyc Trent First

174 vera.nyc Vera First

175 verona.nyc Verona First

177 vivian.nyc Vivian First

178 wade.nyc Wade First

181 weber.nyc Weber First

182 yuri.nyc Yuri First

183 zack.nyc Zack First


Last Names

ID Domain Name Keyword(s) Category Link
1 alvarez.nyc Alvarez Last

2 archer.nyc Archer Last

3 barnes.nyc Barnes Last

4 barr.nyc Barr Last

5 bishop.nyc Bishop Last

6 bryson.nyc Bryson Last

7 burke.nyc Burke Last

8 carlton.nyc Carlton Last

9 chambers.nyc Chambers Last

10 chan.nyc Chan Last

11 cho.nyc Cho Last

12 choi.nyc Choi Last

13 clarke.nyc Clarke Last

14 coleman.nyc Coleman Last

15 cortes.nyc Cortes Last

16 curtis.nyc Curtis Last

17 fernandez.nyc Fernandez Last

18 finnegan.nyc Finnegan Last

19 fitzpatrick.nyc Fitzpatrick Last

20 franklin.nyc Franklin Last

21 goodman.nyc Goodman Last

22 griffin.nyc Griffin Last

23 harrington.nyc Harrington Last

24 holland.nyc Holland Last

25 jing.nyc Jing Last

26 kaufman.nyc Kaufman Last

27 lambert.nyc Lambert Last

28 moreno.nyc Moreno Last

29 morrison.nyc Morrison Last

30 reynolds.nyc Reynolds Last

31 riley.nyc Riley Last

32 shin.nyc Shin Last

33 stevens.nyc Stevens Last

34 suarez.nyc Suarez Last

35 velez.nyc Velez Last



3 responses to “$335 Premium NYC Domain Name Sale”

  1. Hi Matt, great site you have here, and nice portfolio you have of .NYC domains. People would be CRAZY not to scoop these up at this price!

    I understand the reasoning on down sizing. We own about 1200 or so domains, about 150 or so .NYC domains with plans to develop many. Just so many great names out there!!!

    Any way good luck here and on your dev project in 2018

    1. Thanks Ginutis!

      I occasionally get emails from fans of .NYC saying they stumbled upon Developed.nyc on page 6 of Google – I guess SEO isn’t my strong area!


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